As the questions about grading flow in. I will add them here with the answers.

Q.  Why is 3 sums related to mongering?

A. Mongering is an extreme sport for the wealthy red blooded males.  3sums prove your commitment, sexual abilities, confidence also you are contributing to the mongering community by taking extra girls.  You do not have to have 3sums or more to get a black belt but it contributes to the points towards it.

Q. Why do we have to go with young beautiful women?

A. Its far easier to get older women, paying for what you can probably get for free isn’t a mongering achievement.  Having the confidence and taste in younger more beautiful women is what most mongers aspire to be and to look up to. Also you are supporting younger mothers and hopefully can mentor them in their lives if you are a good monger.  If you only like older women, it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve black belt status,  but you better make it up in other areas, such as content creation, supporting other mongerers and promoting the elite sport.

Please contact us with any more questions.