Reasons why prostitution/escorts is important for society?

Prostitution is for porn addicts with money,  guys with high sex drives, guys that want to focus on income/family/work and generally guys that are living a good life.

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Young sexy girl in lingerie by the window in the apartment

For Men

– disempowers bad women and empowers men.

– frees up time for men to work and add value to society who would waste time dating

– strengthens relationships with happy satisfied guys

– stops men from having affairs  (having a controlled sex-only relationship with a hooker stops them from having a full relationship)

– possibly helps guys be less aggressive and less frustrated

– gives guys more confidence

– gives honest men a chance to get laid (rather than dishonest guys in the pickup genre lying to women to get laid)

– gives an opportunity for ugly guys to go with beautiful women (human rights?)

– they motivate some men to earn more money to elevate their life and families life

– they can help with loneliness and depression with men (unless they are shamed by society)

– helps people face and conquer their own sexual fears and challenges in a discreet and non-judgemental environment without risking public shame, judgment or being gossiped about.

– gives guys experience and makes them less desperate to choose the wrong ladies

– gives an opportunity for shy / introverts to actually get sex instead of being depressed and angry

–  guys have the opportunity to have discrete sex without getting caught and ruining a family or marriage.

– it prevents men from getting pussy flu

– makes some guys keep fit and look after themselves (that would have given up looking after themselves with sexless lives)

– helps guys recover from traumatic divorces

Prostitution isn’t just for sex, it can solve a mans loneliness, people make bad decisions when lonely including suicide, society doesn’t care about middle-aged men, so the public are always against them solving their issues with money.

For Women

– helps women capitalise on their beauty  (beauty is women’s superpowers, aggression is men’s)

– helps the wealth distribution, Loaded (or not) guys’ income going to loads of different women and their families , Without prostitution the income inequality would be much worse

-A successful escort requires a commitment to fitness and health to maintain one’s physical appearance which is critical to high income. As a result, a woman will often take better care of herself physically, which helps overall health. Sex is also great exercise and helps with overall health.

-Allows a woman to creatively express her sexuality with compensation

-Legalization saves valuable law enforcement resources for real crimes with victims such as murder

-Women in prostitution can help build the confidence and self-worth of men

-Provides women with a lack of education and other skills with a sustainable income

-Provides women with the opportunity not to be reliant on welfare or the state in regard to the above point

-Allows the state to allocate funds and resources to those who really need it in reference to the above points

-Allows women to be entrepreneurs and run their own schedules and business

– For women using male prostitutes, it gives all the benefits listed in the men’s section for them, plus for the sex-addicted women, it means they can have discrete sex without being shamed by society

– Married women who have partners using prostitutes will have a happier husband who will have more sex with her, be less bored and keep things fresh.

– Married women won’t lose face or be shamed by a cheating husband because he’s unlikely to get caught.

– Women in society are possibly less at risk of being raped or sexually assaulted if guys have a chance to pay a lady for sex.

For Women and Men

– helps people try fantasies, like a three sum, without having a risky relationship

–  it let’s guys do stuff they can’t do with their partners like three somes etc

–  it’s important for sex addiction for both sides


A lot of religions are against prostitution because they don’t like women being empowered. The men that speak against prostitution are the ones most likely doing it. They speak out as a cover to make it less likely they are accused.

We need to legalise prostitution, stop the shame and be proud ethical elite mongers. Men from all walks of life visit ladies discretely. So we are a silenced army that can’t speak out because of losing jobs or relationships.

Start empowering women and yourself today

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