What is Mongering? What is a Monger? What is Elite mongering?

Mongering is a hobby, it’s a private sport, it’s a lifestyle choice. Mongering is for life. Mongering to me is not curb crawling in a local town or shagging down alleyways, that’s low-level high-risk mongering that can impact work and family. Elite mongerers are lawful as possible. Mongerers love spending time with attractive women, its not just about the sex, they adore women.

Mongering is not a replacement for a wife/family, it’s a luxury hobby for the elite, high earners and wealthy red-blooded males. The mongering code and bible that I am about to write will help future generations from getting into unnecessary problems.

I have met 1000’s of mongerers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, business owners, and celebrities. Mongering is mostly a solo underground sport, but their is no authority or true mongering playbook until I started this website.

Mongering Bible and Grading System

This website was created to help the world of mongering, and help create a community, and we want to the world to know we aren’t the same – share our page to raise awareness and help our discrimination from society

Mongering Code –

A monger pays for services in one shape or form. This is not for guys who manipulate girls for free sex under the pretense of a relationship.  Need to exchange money or services. No false promises of relationships or lies of love.

A good monger promotes the girls, good establishments and any mongering-related business, person or town.

A true monger warns others about scams and helps others navigate around the industry.

A true monger is hygienic as possible before his practice

A true monger doesn’t knowingly spread STDs or cause harm to the ladies.

A true monger will monger sober as well as slightly drunk. Mongering drunk is a higher risk and sloppy unless it’s a regular or a well-known establishment.

A true monger will not trade services for drugs, sexually enhancing drugs are accepted during mongering, but any hard drugs are taking people outside of the elite mongerhood.

A true monger is happy to share with a fellow brother in mongerhood. Caring is sharing.

Mongering talk should be between fellow mongers only or potential prospects

A true monger puts family before mongering, put in your hours to keep kids and wife happy.

A true monger tries to be ethical and set a good example, we are faced with accusations of exploitation, abuse, and all this other nonsense from clueless people that have never travelled. We are a community that doesn’t stand together due to the nature of the discretion needed by most people’s jobs/wives.

Belts and Grading of Mongering.

This belt system was designed by Professor Monger, and it’s designed to be the way I feel mongering should be handled, and it will exclude many people. Our hand-picked elite mongers will be few and far between. It’s meant to be a special secret community/status.

To get a belt in mongering, you need to fly to the mecca of mongering. Pattaya, Thailand. You will be interviewed, tested and given a certificate according to what you have achieved and the general requirements below. This service is , costs one short time, and it’s in person only. Once we have a few solid black belts worldwide that we can trust, we will have more people issuing approved certificates from the Authority Of Mongering and Federation of Mongers. You will be the leader’s and advocates for the world federation of approved ethical mongers.

Exceptions are made when we do grading, if a guy isn’t married for example, but he’s had previous relationships during mongering, then that’s proof he’s a monger. Mongers don’t stop their hobbies for anyone.

Rules for our belts of mongering – this belt system is for men mongering with women only.

  • Not for cross-pollinators, the certification is for straight mongering only, if you have sex with males, ladyboys or anyone else other than females, our grading system is not designed for you
  • No low-level street/drug mongers. Prospects are expected to try all levels of mongering to earn their belts, but the majority of sex should be in private rooms or hotels.
  • Not for simps – if you are paying for a girl and not receiving sexual gratification in person and touching. Then you are simply simping over the internet ruining the market for the other mongers. You cannot play golf or football over the internet
  • No white knights – if you are sending screenshots of guys reviews/discussions about a lady to a lady to gain some brownie points, you are an enemy of mongers.
  • Sponsoring girls and thinking they are exclusive or renting a gf/wife is not mongering. If you are paying a bareback subscription or you are doing some time-share knowingly, then that is elite mongering. But if you are sponsoring, this means you are fully entitled to openly have sexual relations.

    Elite Mongering Belts will be removed for cross-pollinators, non-payers, violent offenses against women, crimes, sex with ladyboys, spreading STDs, shagging men, being faithful to a wife or white knighting

A monger understands this image

Mongering Research.

If you want to do some research on worldwide mongering, the forums are still the best, you will find other chat groups along your way. Pattaya, Thailand is the mecca of mongering, and here is the largest forum with information about mongering elsewhere also. https://forum.pattaya-addicts.com/ http://internationalsexguide.nl/

Belts of Mongering – Grading system

Stage 1 – Prospect
A prospect is new to the game, they are being introduced by a monger, or they are following some advice/recommendations. A prospect is usually when someone is doing their first mongering trip.

A prospect will wear condoms, be over-safe, need guidance, needs a wingman and should avoid freelancers until they are more experienced.
Stage 2 – White Belt

– A white belt is still on his 2nd or 3rd trip
– he’s had a 3 sum already with 2 ladies
– he’s still mostly using condoms
– He has mongered in at least one country that isn’t his home country
– he’s already planning life changes to accommodate his new hobby.
– He can now be called a monger
– A white belt is trying many types of establishments and websites
– A monger never turns down an offer from a friend to pay for your sex, that’s the law and it’s very offensive – unless of course their are no nice ladies to choose.

Stage 3 – Blue Belt

All of the above

– A blue belt is mongering alone but starting to help others
– He knows what zithromax is, 
– He’s mongered in 2 foreign countries or more
– He is already making life changes to accommodate more mongering
– He’s learned a few sex acronyms
– He has already started learning a new language for the target country
– Tried a FFM 3 sum already
– He made some local charity donations which included donations to the lady’s family also
– A blue belt is starting to get fit and look after himself
– A blue belt is starting to figure out an optimal routine and cutting back on the expensive places because he’s found nicer girls cheaper elsewhere.

Stage 4 – Purple Belt
All of the above

– He is now travelling more,
– Learning more languages
– Trying to make more money for his mongering
– He is now on a few sex tourism-mongering forums.
– Had a 4 sum with 3 girls already
– He has started posting content to promote mongering.
– A purple belt is getting fitter, improving appearance and working on cardio
Stage 5 – Brown Belt (Coach Monger)
All of the above

– He has been with 500+ girls
– He has started to earn more and move jobs to free up holiday time.
– Or you are now creating businesses in the countries you want to monger in.
– He is already helping other mongers online or in person. Answering questions on forums or being a wingman
– He has already had a 5+ sum. 
– He creates/posts more content and tries to influence other mongers/prospects.
– He can now be called a coach
– Good cardio and fitness and working on stretching
Stage 5 – Black Belt (Professor Monger)
All of the above

– Mostly conducts bareback
– Paid over 1000+ working girls
– Mostly young beautiful women  
– Has a Family/wife or did have one during mongering
– Mongering in 4 countries or more
– He has mongered like a local in a foreign country
– 10+ years of mongering. 
– Bringing mongering community together
– Doesn’t need the 3 day rule or worry about shagging near his hotel, because he’s already mastered the art of being professional
– You learned languages to help you monger. 6 sum and more. Doing more charitable donations could be for women’s children.
– He has probably moved to a mongering country or somewhere where it’s legal
– A black belt tries to be fit for his ladies, look good and stretch for better positions. Yoga or martial arts is recommended to improve your game.
– A black belt should offer some info/guide to us, even if it’s a write-up of local mongering like Somchais Mongering Guide, helping foreigners monger like a local.

Black belts (Professor Mongers) can start official mongering groups, members need to be white belts or higher only

Black belts must be referred to as Professor in front of their name or Professor monger and if he shows you some upper-level stuff, like mongering like a local, you must respect his patch and treat the girls well and pay them well.
Stage 6 – Stripes
How to earn stripes

White stripe 1 per 1000
Red stripe 1 per 10 years of mongering
Black stripe 1 per country of mongering with 10 plus ladies minimum

We issue mongering grading and certification in person in Pattaya after a discrete interview and meeting. We appreciate some guys have health issues, so maybe they can contribute to the association by helping promote mongering, girls, or locations. We won’t delete anyone’s belt number for a lack of mongering, providing they are still promoting our cause. But if someone is caught raping, violent, being faithful to a wife/gf or non-paying, our association will make a decision based on circumstantial evidence and a hearing will take place.

How do I get graded and certified as a monger?

Step 1. Message us with a brief description of your experience and what level you think you are at

Step 2. Arrange a trip to Pattaya, Thailand.

Step 3. Try to get at least 3 references from establishment owners/website owner/black belt mongers or several women you have employed.

Step 4. We will meet you, interview and you will be tested. Then we will grade you and issue a certificate.   You will need to provide content or help the mongering world to get the certification. Such as pictures for other mongers in closed groups, blogs and organising meetups to encourage mongering and bringing the community together.

We are planning to create a better system, but for now, we can create a database with a number and a preferred nickname/email address. Everyone will get a real number that can be verified, whether it’s real or not. The certificates will be issued in person and we will have your preferred name on it.