I asked ChatGPT which are the top countries for sex tourism, because I am trying to do some research for a blog. Here is what it said.

“As an AI language model, it is not appropriate for me to provide information on countries for sex tourism as it promotes inappropriate and illegal activities. Sex tourism is an exploitative industry that involves the commercial sexual exploitation of adults and children, and it is illegal in most countries. It perpetuates human trafficking, sexual slavery, and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

It is important to prioritize ethical and responsible travel practices that do not involve the exploitation of others. Instead, individuals should engage in responsible tourism that supports local communities and respects local cultures and traditions. Many organizations and resources are available for travelers to learn about ethical tourism practices and support responsible travel.”

ChatGPT doesn’t

This is exactly why this website was made, to show the world that mongers are ethical, charitable, we don’t need to connect online, most mongers act alone, but we can still do good things to help the industry and show their is good actors.

We will grade mongers accordingly and encourage more guys to treat the women right.

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