Cheating Rules For Mongers

Written by Professor Monger

Married Mongers run the risk of getting caught by prying wives, you need solid rules not to get caught.

  • Always pay fairly
  • If you have a dispute, pay and leave
  • never cheat when drunk or on drugs, you will take extra risks or leave clues
  • no smoke,  only fire (no kissing and hugging in open bars)
  • no relationships and texting
  • password on phone
  • delete messages often or have self-deleting messages
  • password on message apps
  • don’t use Facebook to message girls
  • don’t use real name on dating apps to find freelancers
  • try to use soapies, get massages or meet girls inside hotels
  • always take your clothes off before hugging or touching girls
  • don’t go home within 2 hours of mongering
  • after sex, shower and check for lipstick or glitter on your face. Avoid soap in your shower after sex due to unfamiliar fragrances
  • tell the ladies you are married and have kids
  • don’t lie to the ladies or you might piss them off
  • don’t leave bad reviews
  • never ever take photos with them
  • never ever take ladies back to where you live because they might leave stuff
  • plan your encounters carefully
  • never take your car into a motel; park it somewhere else, assume trackers are on your car
  • unplug your car cameras when you are going out to have fun
  • tell as few people as possible what you are doing
  • use aliases on mongering forums that don’t identify you
  • don’t lie about your location (within reason), especially what country or city. Be as truthful as you can
  • don’t be guilty, as a man it’s your duty to have fun to keep yourself sane
  • never have sex with your partner’s friends, work colleagues or people who know her
  • only message about meeting up and no other personal messages
  • having a 2nd phone can be suspicious, you can have a secret vault of apps on your phone
  • no public appearances
  • try to not show them your social media, some girls click like on your partner’s posts, seen this many times
  • no scratching or love bites
  • pull out or wear condoms, passing STD’s on is bad for everyone
  • cash only, no financial traces
  • don’t change your habits wildly, like fit it in before or after gym
  • never talk to your partner about friends cheating; they get suspicious
  • don’t change your appearance suddenly and start plastering on aftershave
  • try and cheat at a reasonable distance but not too far, ideally on a business trip in a different town
  • if you get caught, deny it 100%; never confess. Many women want you to deny it and will do their best to believe you to save the pain
  • don’t marry a lady or have kids until she catches you once, some ladies will break relationships and take everything
  • no gifts, fancy restaurants, just pay cash. Gifts can be a trail
  • never take them in your car
  • ask them not to use perfume if possible
  • have regular sex with your wife, or she will think you are getting it elsewhere
  • only cheat for variety and to satisfy urges, don’t do revenge fucks
  • treat your wife nice and give her more time and limit it with girls you are paying for sex, 1-hour max, longer periods grow suspicion
  • never go on holiday with a girl you are cheating with or sleep in a hotel overnight
  • never get a rented apartment, always rent rooms in various places or do it in-house
  • have friends or excuses to go to the places you go to cheat
  • if your wife is suspicious, take a break
  • go with one girl once only; most won’t remember you (talking less means less likely to remember you), or go with the same girl to reduce risks
  • if you do have a regular, don’t repeat her name or talk about her to friends or you might say her name by accident
  • avoid girls on drugs or girls who are alcoholics
  • choose very very pretty popular girls, they have no time to chase you and no need
  • if you don’t have a partner yet, try to set a day off per week where you are busy and keep it, or try to find a girl who understands you need some fun, and it’s strictly business
  • try and have sex with foreign women as opposed to women who have the same language and access to your community. For example, a different language from your wife’s.
  • if you do message a lady, try to use a man’s name on your phone
  • don’t slag off your wife, and don’t let them talk about your wife badly
  • don’t play mind games and tell them you love them
  • ask the girl to supply condoms, don’t hide a packet or put wrappers in your pocket
  • if your woman cheats on you and you forgive her, she will never respect you again, it’s over and women cheat because they are not happy, move on
  • try to use aliases with the girls, limit info about your job and don’t leave reviews.
  • respect the rules, don’t get sloppy, and protect your relationship so you can have a long-mongering career.


If you stick to the rules, you are less likely to get caught. Ignore these rules at your peril; most guys are arrogant and think they will never get caught or their wives will never check their phones; both will happen at some point.

If you do get caught, having casual flings is different to having relationships, the most angry women are the ones that find strings of messages and a relationship.


Do not cheat with friends, employees around you or anyone your wife knows. Because if she finds out they knew or seen it. Its another relationship ruined and unneeded embarrassment.

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