The different types of mongers

An monger is often someone that knows what he wants in life, doesn’t worry so much about being judged by those that can’t afford to monger or simply are controlled by angry wives. A elite monger (proper monger) is usually successful at making good money so he has access to a lot of women and is able to travel to try different nationalites. Read the home page to see a better definition and the different mongering belts.


Family man who wants to keep happy in long term relationship – he needs variety but doesn’t want to have relationships with other women.

American Christians NGO in Thailand or Cambodia. These guys use Christian donation money to monger pretending to go after other mongers.

Sex addict – this guy doesn’t want to take risks, needs lots of sex to stay sane

The undesirable reject – these guys monger because they hate women and know that women find them undesirable.  These are usually the worst mongers, pay the least BUT they are not worst for other mongers than the NGO mongers.

The Athelete Monger – These guys are high performing, have lots of massages and get lots of happy endings sneaked in.

The high functioning entrepreneur or businessman – these guys travel a lot, (by purpose) earn enough money to get girls to come to their rooms, more money is more descretion, more choice, more travel and better access.

The famous actor, singer, politician or sports people – these guys need descretion, you can’t get that having sex with fans so much or people that will talk.  They need no strings attached and sex with foreign prostititues, who don’t know who they are.

Part time seasonal mongers –  these guys are the working class mongers, or poorer mongers that can only monger on there annual trip. They need to step up their game to climb the mongering belts.

Mongering digital nomad – these guys are smart, they have enabled themselves to work online and they get to live in all the best mongering countries. You will see them move to countries with the best mongering.

Mongering polo player – These guys are smart, they do high end networking,  be a sportsperson, and they are able to travel and monger under the perfect cover story.  This is a the smallest minority of monger.

Elite mongers vs kerb crawl – Elite mongers are at the top of our list for respect to the girls, paying, variety and putting their lives into it.  Kerb crawling/back alleyway mongers that just do it in the town they live and work is the bottom end of mongering.  Kerb crawling is more like survival mongering for those just trying to get some thrills in life, it is a type of mongering but its not something we admire or respect,  if you are a kerb crawling monger you likely won’t be reading this,  but please earn more and step up your game and rise the ranks.

Ninja monger – A silent warrior. An unsung and unknown hero contributing to the economy of mongering. They read buy they do not post or message people.

The Denial Monger –  These guys are usually posting anti-monger stuff on forums, pretending they don’t pay for it or they are good and all the mongers are bad disgusting humans.  Research and experience has taught us that often these guys are broke, rarely afford a handjob, so they are salty with the ones going with more ladies. They are usually beta males under lock and key and being watched by angry wives as they type.  They do monger but its usually a hand job from a fat 50 year old in a cheap massage parlour.  (Hua hin expats and Asean now forum posters)

The non monger monger –  These guys say they don’t pay for sex but they give large gifts or salaries or they compensate the ladies in other ways.  Most pro mongers just pay a fair price for a ladies time, they don’t shower them with gifts and salaries and say they don’t pay them for sex. Some of these guys marry the women, have kids, but when the salary stops, the women leave, little did they know, they had a long term deal with a hooker that was emotionally unavailable.

Scammer monger – these guys scam the girls by not paying them or stealing off them.

The reluctant monger – every man in the world not listed above.  All men would monger if they had enough money, knew they wont get caught and have enough testosterone runniing through their veins.  Often guys that don’t monger are beta males, low sex drive, no money and relying on wife etc.


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