Mongering Bible – Frequently Asked Questions

– Written by Professor Monger,  Belts of mongering Founder and Mongering Authority Leader. Visionary mongerer.

What is mongering ?

Mongering is short for whore mongering, as most of us elite mongers do not like to use the word whore. Mongering is a worldwide solo sport, it’s for porn addicts with money.  If you are a porn addict and you want to take things further, you can pay for sex and get yourself an escort like trying some UK Escorts or Dubai escorts from

Typical Mongering services are GFE, full sex, happy endings, all levels, role play, BBBJCIM, and weird stuff, which you can find on other sites.

Mongering is also a life philosophy; it’s our calling; we are mongers for life, and we monger through good times and bad. Our friends, partners and financials change, but mongering is our rock, a good wingman will take you to places in good times and bad. Mongering is a better alternative than hitting drugs or alcohol during hard times.

Why do guys monger?

Red-blooded males monger for many different reasons, some have no partners and are lonely, some aren’t getting any pussy at home, some have little time for chatting up women or dating, sex addiction, and many simply like hotter girls that they can’t get without paying and some like variety. Those men who cannot afford to monger will often make up reasons why other people pay for sex and say it is because they are undesirable or they simply can’t pull women, so they have to pay for it.  However, successful men would rather work on making money than waste time chasing women.  The men paying for it don’t have fragile egos in general; they accept they are mongers for life, and they are proud to be members of our silent elite-mongering brotherhood.  Some guys can afford to monger but they are controlled by women or they have low sex drive or testosterone. 

What clothes or accessories do mongers wear?

A good monger will always dress smart or at least be clean; he will carry condoms and cash around, often in different currencies, if they are travelling.  Many mongers will wear man bags or fanny packs because some will carry lube, Kamagra and sex toys.  Shorts are better than jeans when you are mongering and you need fast access. I do admire the guys that prepare less, but some organised mongers even take anti-biotics daily, prep and systematically bareback every lady they can. Many of the barebackers think they are different and they are the only ones doing it, but if she’s doing it with one customer, she’s doing it with everyone; while I am here, she sucks and facefucks everyone else like that, including Sandesh from Mumbai.

How do guys get into mongering?

If you want to start your mongering career path, you are better off coming straight to the mongering mecca, Pattaya, Thailand.  It caters for entry level newbies up to black belts, white knights coming to the rescue, seasoned mongers, sexpats, cheap miserable bastards, overpayers, and Asian mongers; it’s pretty much a scam-free town with a full range of prices, starting from beach road girls to soapie massage girls or gogo girls at the most expensive.

What is the difference between the seedy side of mongering and the high class?

Some guys love seedy mongering, which is going down back alleyways, using fan rooms, and buckets of water instead of showers; whilst we recommend the full spectrum of mongering experiences for our elite members, it’s often better to float around in the middle area of mongering, not too cheap and not too expensive.  Lower prices for sex often mean you are sharing with many people that day, with a high chance of porridge stirring; if you are paying a higher price, the lady has less volume, and you might be the only customer that day or week.

Mongering in Bangkok Thailand, one of the best places in the world.

But what about no end game?

There is no end game to mongering; just like marriage and life, you lose ultimately; you have to enjoy the journey. I have seen people challenge themselves to find girls with one arm, one eye,  find the oldest lady they can to have sex with, starting from ages 18 up to 65, we’ve seen guys daring each other to have sex with fat ones.   Some guys will move on to have sex with ladyboys and dwarfs, and we even see one monger who looked like Tom Cruise have sex with a homeless woman who really enjoyed it.  For me, it’s about testing out different styles of beauty and different shades of skin and different heights.  Non-mongers will criticise that we are talking about women-like products, but we love them, and we pay for them.  It’s like fine wine tasters; we learn to enjoy women, and we respect them without falling into the trap of simping. They are sportswomen in our sports world of elite mongering.

What is a simp?

A simp has little self-confidence, undervalues himself, puts women on a pedastal and he’s been fed a lie by his parents that he should worship and give to women to get some attention or love back. He feels he’s different, he’s a gentleman, and he’s going to simp his way into a women’s heart.  Most simps were brought up by good women, simping to a good woman works, but it doesn’t work to sex workers or Onlyfan girls, whos main job is to make as much money as she can from her johns.  A working girl will respect you less and less with the more you give, she likes the guy that makes her work for it or doesn’t allow himself to be manipulated by her.  A simp is not a real monger, it’s a person who is lonely and wants to buy love.  But he will pretend he’s a monger to his friends because he doesn’t want to embarrass himself, that hes trying to outbid other johns to win over his favourite only fans girl’s or prostitutes.

What’s the difference between an NGO (Non-government Officer) and a monger?

An NGO pretends they are helping poor communities and using donation money to pay for sex whilst pretending they are rescuing women.  A monger makes his money honestly and pays for sex without having to lie or deceit good hearted donors.

Do successful mongers have everything?

To be an elite monger, you should be successful at family, business, income, a job you enjoy or work.  Our silent, anonymous community know that they are real men that provide for their families before all the hookers that they have sex with. Some guys don’t want wives, so they monger instead.

What’s the alternative sport?

The alternative to mongering is to go back to jerking off over pornhub, but this is why we need to create high-value businesses, increase our income and we need to make plenty of money for lots of sex with multiple women all over the world, there is no alternative, you have to earn more money!  In fact, at every Tony Robbins seminar, everyone should be made to have sex with a hooker because there is no more motivation in the world than to need money for more pussy.

What is worse for society? An Onlyfans girl or a prostitute.

An Onlyfan girl just takes, and 99% of the time, her boyfriend manages the account and shares the money.  At least a working girl will have sex with you. But guys will idolise a girl’s pictures and simp to her like a goddess instead of going to an honest girl that will give you a good service and lasting memories.  Onlyfans is designed for simps who should quickly realise, you are not different, she will never fall in love with you,  the more money/gifts you give the less chance you have, get a grip of themselves and just monger.  Join the force and do some silent elite mongering.

Top countries to monger?

Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Germany, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands (particularly Amsterdam), Kenya, Colombia,  Cuba, and Indonesia (particularly Bali)

Are mongers all sex addicts?

Most mongers are porn addicts with money, but many are loved up soft cock simps, buying poor farm girls one house at a time, while the rest of us mongers are investing our money into more sex, we only have one life, we need to invest in hours of pussy, not houses in poor villages.

What is a white knight?

  1. It is normally a white belt/prospect monger or a simp who is trying to win the ladies over by showing them reviews other customers made, talking about other customers to the girl to cause a problem or
  2. Often it is someone that tries to “rescue” a girl by offering her loads of money to leave the bar and then stay with him.  White knights lose a lot of money until they find the right one. Many mongers complain that their favourite girls were white knighted but really it can be good for the girl, providing shes happy and not just staying with him for money.

How does the world benefit from mongering?

Western mongers have changed millions of lives of poor families around the world; while none of us is expecting Nobel awards,  we have changed thousands of lives while risking our lives travelling to dark places to distribute our cash, we have also contributed to world peace,   mongering, just like sports has no barriers when it comes down to countries relations and connections,  the more I think about it, the more I realise how much charity work us mongers do, we keep world peace and solve world poverty issues with one fuck at a time.

What is belts of mongering?

I created a belt system for ethical and elite mongers, check our home page.

Elite mongering

Could mongering be an Olympic sport?

“The Olympic Charter indicates that in order to be accepted, a sport must be widely practised by men in at least 75 countries and on four continents and by women in no fewer than 40 countries and on three continents.”  sounds possible!

Is mongering charity work? Should you get tax benefits?

I believe we should get tax benefits, but because all the politicians and lawmakers have to keep their mongering careers quiet, they cannot stand up and fight for our rights as good community-serving members of society because their wives will question why they are pro-mongers.  Lets start a movement to say any politicians that do not support us mongers, must be mongers themselves, that’s why they don’t want to blow their cover by helping us with laws or tax benefits.  I keep saying we need sex visas with priority queues at airports, but no one listens.  Getting that extra hour in a country boosts the economy or at least one girl’s income.

What is top-level mongering?

To be a top level monger, you need your own personal mamasan/assistant and ask them to bring beautiful girls to you or find you girls that will bring her friends also.  A top-level monger can wait in hotel rooms, he doesn’t need to risk getting seen by travelling around and getting caught out by prying wives. The girls must be 18-25 years old for top-level mongering.  You can’t have an obese, ugly or older lady and call yourself a top level monger, only the most prettiest slim young ladies.  There is no room for underconfident males settling for bottom-shelf hookers in this upper echelon of the mongering world.

What makes a good monger?

Someone who treats the ladies well, doesn’t bring STDs home and hides mongering from their family. Check out our belts of mongering system on the home page to learn about ethical mongering and how you can save the world with one fuck at a time.

What’s your thoughts on alcohol and mongering?

Whilst drinking and mongering often go together, a real monger likes to make the most of his experience, have control and take fewer risks. You should always be professional when mongering and practise it sober in a controlled environment.  Having sex after 12 hours of alcohol and downing Kamagra is more like white belt entry-level mongering for first-time tourists on holiday.  We can easily forgive white belt mongers for drinking alcohol for some dutch courage.

What makes a bad monger?

A bad monger cross-pollinates with ladyboys and women, they try to pass on STDs, they try to underpay the ladies or not pay, they try to give them drugs, or hurt/abuse the ladies or pressure them.  Or bad mongers are bad to other mongers by simping to hookers, white knighting or sometimes overpaying for almost nothing.  Bad mongers will sometimes ruin the market by agreeing to poor terms.  Like paying for different positions (Amsterdam)

A bad monger can be someone that cock blocks a girl because they don’t want to share, usually hogging her with drink squatting.

What are the dangers of mongering?

Risk of getting arrested, getting loved up, family finding out, losing job or family, catching a disease, using it to patch a bad relationship. However, mongering helps if you have a good relationship; the more you fuck, the more you appreciate the wife, help your relationship now and get banging.

To reduce risk, check laws, age and research where you travel.

Mongering community?  (review sites,  forums)

There are a few mongering communities like Pattaya addicts forum, Philippines addicts forum, world sex guide forum, and mongering UK forums. Some people are forced into a community by non-mongers, and religious people because they can’t talk freely on most social media platforms.  There is another small community of Christian NGOs who are sex tourists using Christian donation money.

Give me some examples of mongering tools.

Pussy snorkel, cash, Kamagra, zythromax, prep, language books, bag of dildos, camera, listerine, anti-bacteria strepsils, spreadsheets for the pros, forums and review sites.

How not to get caught mongering by prying wives?

You need mongering rules and to stick by them

How do you participate in mongering?

Earn good money, and start booking trips to Pattaya, Phnom Pehn or Angeles City. Read our belts of mongering page to learn how to climb the ranks.

What’s the average cycle of a monger?

Real mongers are for life; the ones that pretend they are often the biggest mongers are using the lonely ones looking for love; they are the ones that are usually the victims of the pay 4 play world,  they are usually the loudest about mongering, but they quickly go quiet when a hooker takes control of them and turns them into a husband. Most of these guys end up getting cheated on, while the hookers continue to service her old customers.

Do you have any other ideas what our elite-mongering group could be called?

Freemongers? Freemongery? Like freemason and freemasonry. A secret group of elite mongers who are proud of their mongering mission.

How do mongers avoid having multiple babies in several countries?

Getting the snip, pulling out, CIM or finishing in another hole are techniques for the ethical monger.  Some of the white belts still use condoms. If you are creating lives around the world and not paying your way, (at the minimum) you are a piece of shit, and you won’t get any belts from us.

How much mongering should I keep to after a Heart attack? ie time limits. How many per week? Should I finish early and not take a long time to finish?  

You should monger 3 times a week just like going to saunas or the gym.  You should try and put some effort it so it goes towards your cardio quota, take the opportunity to stretch while you are doing it. You will live a lot longer and the blowjobs will pull you into the next week. You will live longer knowing you have more fun waiting for you.  The good thing about mongering, if you are tired, you don’t need to perform, because you are paying.

  1. If you just buy a girl a drink and don’t barfine her, is that still considered mongering?

    No, Thats simping and cockblocking, both are criminal offenses in the mongering world.


  1. If you just watch the show at the gogo and don’t buy any drinks, is that still mongering?

    No, you are being even less useful than the guy cock blocking, at least hes putting some money in


  1. If the girl cums too, is that still mongering?

    Yes, an elite proud monger is always striving to add value and be proud of each experience


  1. If you contact a girl privately for a date rather than going to a bar, is that still mongering?

    If you are paying her for that date and putting your dick inside of her, then you are mongering.


  1. If the girl won’t accept payment, is that still mongering?

    Never accept free sex; it’s too expensive; you will pay emotionally or through some other fucked up way; just pay and have an honest transaction.


  1. Is having a massage considered mongering?

    If you are getting a happy-ending blowjob, then yes.  If you are getting jerked off only, you are ruining the market, and you are a disgrace to all mongers.


  1. Where can you buy the mongering handbook?

    I have a friend writing a mongering handbook, but if anyone has any good articles to add to this site, please submit them to me here.

Do you have any tips on not falling in love when mongering?

Yes, take two girls at a time. Group sex stops you from getting loved up.

What is the Mongering Authority?

I, Professor Monger is the self-appointed mongering authority, I can give my stamp of approval for establishments and I can issue belts

How do I stop myself feeling guilty?

As a hard working red blooded male, sex with various attractive women is owed to you. You are making your relationship stronger and avoiding the 7 year barrier where relationships get boring, turn that guilt into treating your wife better and it keeps your relationship hot.  You will be nicer than ever after each time you have some fun, its owed to you, we were made to reproduce, many men that are controlled by sex do not live happy lives, you only have one life.

Who are the worst enemies to mongers?

Fat ugly feminists, Christian people (many mongers themselves), Fake Christian anti-human trafficking charities, law enforcement in some countries, wives and other cock blockers.

Does Mongering have it’s own language?

As a monger, you should speak several languages because it’s a tool to help you with your mongering career, but yes, mongering does have its own language, check mongering terminology and acromyns.

What mongering belt are you?



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