Is mongering a religion?

Written by Professor Monger, leader of the Mongering Authority and Visionary for world wide mongers.

A common question we get asked. Is mongering a religion?

Let’s go over the key points of a religion.

  1. Often includes beliefs about the nature of existence,
  2. A code of ethics or moral guidelines,
  3. Rituals or practices,
  4. A sense of community,
  5. And a worldview that may encompass concepts such as the divine, afterlife, and purpose of life.
  6. Different religions have unique doctrines and teachings that shape their followers’ understanding of the world and their place in it.

1.  Our existence is to reproduce as much as we can, but in a world of practicality, ethics and morals, we have a duty to not reproduce as much as we can, but we can still practise, a mongers existence is to have sex with as many beautiful women as possible and as many nationalities as possible

2. Our ethics and moral guidelines are on the front page of this website

3. Rituals or practices: oral sex is the best ritual; it’s the best way to practise and worship another person, which is the highest respect we can show to another person

4. Our community is on mongering forums, or in towns like Pattaya or Bangkok— the mecca of serious mongers.

5. Our purpose is to spread the mongering code, get more people into our mongering religion, get more mongers up to black belt, treat the ladies good, pay well and respect the mongering game. There is no afterlife, so every monger needs to maximise their mongering career by having three sums and organised fantasies.

6. Our mongering religion is a way of life, we have a process from being a prospect and learning our way up the belts to a black belt, all mongers should be good wingmen and help others join our mongering community, treat it like a religion, community or sport.

Professor Mongers Story

19 years ago, a dream was born in my heart that one day we would lead an international mongering community and impact the world for mongers. As the first black belt Professor Monger, it has been an honour to lead teams, bar crawls and send mongers around the world, but now it is time for us to make mongers officially ranked and fulfil that dream that mongers have instilled in our hearts.

We have accepted a BOLD assignment to lead the Authority of Mongers. It is a vibrant international group of hooker worshippers comprised of 40 nationalities from around the world who live and work in the best mongering countries or just holiday there a lot. The mongering world has been without a visionary for hundreds of years and is poised for new leadership and vision.

We promise to guide new mongers to be ethical and elite, we will post guides, FAQ’s and anything we can do to keep you mongers active and safe.  Remember, mongering is for life, its your secret force, we are alone but we are together. When you are in that dark alleyway alone, just remember you have had many mongers before you and after them, help your mongering brothers if you see one.

We feel honoured that the Mongering Lord has appointed us to live out our destiny mongering. With grateful hearts, we want to say “THANK YOU” for your confidence and trust in the call Professor Monger will place in your lives.

When you have your next short time, remember to take two to show your love to the world of mongering. If you always take 2, you won’t fall in love.

Professor Monger, Visionary and leader of mongers worldwide

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