There are two ways to monger discretely.

1. You can plan ahead to reduce risk, but plans leave evidence also. You reduce your risk by planning or..

2. Monger like a serial killer, wait for an opportunity when there is no witnesses. Please note we mean to wait for an opportunity and jump on it when there is no one watching, for most seasoned traveled mongers, they have set routines.

Rules that protect mongers from getting caught out.

  • Always pay – you will get caught if you piss people off
  • Do your best not to cause problems
  • use passwords on your phone and precautions
  • be aware of credit card payments
  • never lie about your locations
  • always deny it if you are caught red-handed
  • remember it’s your duty to monger to keep your relationship going.
  • never monger in your own house or family house
  • never go home right after mongering
  • keep any text messages to a minimum, elite mongers tend to message only about arrangement location and time, Keep the messages locked away.
  • Talk about mongering to white belts or above
  • use hats, grey tops, sunglasses and hide vehicles
  • plan tomorrows girl today, so you don’t make desperate choices
  • learn more languages