To get a doctorate in mongering,  one needs to learn the following and then complete the final task to contribute towards our industry. Is mongering a religion? Is it a philosophy? Is it a way of live? Is it a sport?

PHD in Mongerology

Syllabus of Mongerology

1. Understanding the philosophy of mongering

2. Understanding the mongering belts system

3. Understanding the ranking system (coming soon)

4. Mongering Geography – Know your mongering countries 

5. Where is prostitution legal? 

6. Mongering Forums and Websites

7. STD. barebacking, medicine

8. Self-Defense – we need tough monger warriors to keep you safe in the more dangerous countries

9. Language Basics

10. Travel hacks

11. De-escalation

12. Ethical Mongering

13. Types of businesses to use for mongering

14. Public Speaking – Spreading the good word

15. Christian Mongers, Christians Exploiting Mongers to Make Money and get free sex – researching the enemy

16.  Learn the rules on how not to get caught by prying wives

17.  Learn the Mongering FAQ and help me update it.

18. Learn Mongering/ Sex Industry Dictionary – Acronyms, Glossary, Lingo, Codes, Terminology off by heart

19.  Learn/practice monger workouts and stretching. Yoga is good for serious mongers.

20. Help write about mongering, create content (videos, pictures, posts, articles), promote mongering, counteract the lies the scam Christian charities say about us and help legalise it.

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