1. GFE: Girlfriend Experience

2. PSE: Porn Star Experience

3. BBBJ: Bareback Blow Job

4. CIM: Cum In Mouth

5. COF: Cum On Face

6. DFK: Deep French Kissing

7. FS: Full Service

8. DATY: Dining At The Y (oral sex on a woman)

9. BDSM: Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism

10. SW: Sex Worker

11. FSSW: Full-Service Sex Worker

12. MSOG: Multiple Shots On Goal (multiple orgasms)

13. MFM: Male-Female-Male (threesome with two men and a woman)

14. DP: Double Penetration (sexual penetration by two objects, usually a penis and a sex toy or another penis) 15. TS: Transsexual or Transgender.

15. FFM – Female-Female- Male (threesome)

Thailand Mongering Acroynms on Pattaya Addicts.

3 holer – a woman who takes it in all 3 orifices.

5 – Five in the Thai language is haa. Hence 555 is hahaha, get it!!??
A2M – Ass to Mouth

ATF – All time favourite

Agency Girl – a woman who works in a bar but not directly employed by it. She works for a different business. Typically they cost more than normal girls.
Baa – impolite Thai word for crazy (see also Ting tong)
Baht – Thai currency (about 34 to the US$)
Bar Fine – The fee you pay to compensate a bar owner for taking a lady away from her bar.
BBBJ – Bare back blow job (no condom)
BBBJCIM bare back blow job cum in mouth
BF – Bar fine or boy friend
BG – Bar girl
BiB – Boys in Brown (Policemen)
BJ – Blow job.
BR – Beach Road.
BM – Board Member
Boardies – Members of this forum
Boom Boom – Sex
Boomsing – German derivative of boom boom
BTW – By the way
Butterfly – term for a farang that changes ladies often
C4C – Cash For Cuddles… barfining/paying a girl for non-sexual reasons, maybe unplanned
Chat – Pattaya Chat Forum
Cheap Charlie (CC) – Somebody who like to spend as little money as possible.
Chugwow – masturbate or hand job
CIM – Come in mouth

Coconut Bar – The area on the beach side of Beach Road. In this area you can find freelancers
Coyote – is a dancer in a bar who keeps her clothes on (think of the movie Coyote Ugly)
Darkside – 1. To partake in the services of a LB.

Darkside – 2. The area east of Sukhumvit Road
DATY – Dining at the Y (oral sex on a woman)
Farang – Thai word for western foreigners

FB – Facebook
Freelancer/FL – A lady who is not directly employed by a bar. They can be found in bars (where a BF is required), discos, Walking Street, Beach Road and probably just about everywhere else. Other than in a bar a BF is not payable.
FUBAR – Fucked up beyond all recognition
FWC – Fat White Chick
GF – Girl Friend
GFE – Girl friend experience
GG – Gogo Girl
Gik – Thai word for a friend you can fuck (without paying)
Hoy – Thai word for shell fish. Often used to refer to female genitalia.
IMHO – In my humble opinion
IMO – In my opinion
Issan – North east area of Thailand. Many BGs come from this area

Karoake – a type of bar frequented mainly by Thais
Ka-toey – Ladyboy
Kee-nee-ow – Thai word for Cheap Charlie
Khmer – Cambodian
Lady Drink (LD) – A drink purchased for a bar girl. This is the method through which she earns money (through commissions) for spending time with customers.
Ladyboy – see Ka-toey
LB – Ladyboy
LBFM – Little brown fucking machine
LDOP – Lame dupe over payer – The guy that simply pays too much for everything a.k.a Two week millionaire.
LOL – Laugh(ing) out loud
LOS – Land of smiles (ie Thailand)
LT – Long time. Usually this means taking the lady overnight.

LLT – Long long time. This is taking a lady for an extended length of time (beyond that of long time).
Mamasan – Female manager in a bar. She manages the ladies in the bar and helps organise a lady of your choice if required.
Monger – Whore monger.
OP – opening post or original poster depending on how it is used.
OTOH – On the other hand
P4P – Pay for play (or pleasure)
PB – Pattaya Beach
PI – Philippines
Poo-chai – Thai word for boy/man
Poo-ying – Thai word for girl/woman
ROTFL(MFAO) – Rolling On the floor laughing (my fucking arse off)
Sabai dee – Thai term for feeling good.
Sanuk – Thai word for fun.
Smoke – Bar girl euphemism for blow job
SNAFU – Situation normal all fucked up
Soapy – An erotic massage that involves lots of soap and lots of body contact.

Soi – a small road or alleyway
Song-taew — Pickup truck with modified bed used as a taxi (a.k.a. Baht Bus)
Sponsor – A farang who sends a BG money from home. Usually to assist her to stop working in the bar.
ST – Short time. Usually this means a ‘one shot’ liason.
Starfish — Girl which is unresponsive in bed
Talk – Pattaya Talk Forum
Teerak – Thai for darling.
TG – Thai Girl.
TGF – Thai girl friend
Ting tong – Thai word for crazy (also see Baa)
TiT – This is Thailand
YMMV – Your mileage may vary. Means your experience might not match my experience.
WTF – What the fuck

Acronyms related to sex.

1. BDSM: Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism

2. HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

3. HPV: Human Papillomavirus

4. STI: Sexually Transmitted Infection

5. AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

6. UTI: Urinary Tract Infection

7. HSV: Herpes Simplex Virus

8. PIV: Penis In Vagina (sexual intercourse)

9. BB: Bareback (having sex without a condom)

10. CBT: Cock and Ball Torture (a BDSM activity)

11. D/s: Dominance and submission (a type of power exchange in BDSM)

12. ESO: Erotic Symphony Orchestra (a slang term for group sex)

13. FWB: Friends with Benefits (a casual sexual relationship between friends)

14. MFM: Male-Female-Male (a threesome with two men and a woman)

15. ONS: One Night Stand (a sexual encounter with someone you don’t know well)

16. PNP: Party and Play (a slang term for using drugs during sex)

17. QPR: Queer Platonic Relationship (a close non-romantic and non-sexual relationship between queer people)

18. Tantra: A spiritual and sexual practice that originated in ancient India

19. Voyeur: A person who derives sexual pleasure from watching others engage in sexual activity

20. WSW: Women who have Sex with Women.